Saturday, November 5, 2011

Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center at Indiana University (Bloomington, Indiana)

The Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center was established on the campus of Indiana University, in Bloomington, Indiana in 1968. Originally named Black House, the center was created to serve the university's African and African American students. In 1972 the center was known as the Black Culture Center; in 1997 the African American Cultural Center, and then in 2002, the Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center. Housed within the center are the Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center Library, the African American Arts Institute, and the Office of Diversity Education.

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Update 04/17/2012:

   Additional article about the Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center:

  Jackson-Brown, Grace. "Indiana Builds Three African American Special Collections." College & Research Libraries News 55.2 (1994): 75, 83.

Update 09/02/2012:

   More articles about the Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center:

"I.U.'s Black Culture Center Finally Gets Permanent Home." Indianapolis Recorder 23 June 1973: 14. Print.

"Black Student Affairs Coordinator is Named." Indianapolis Recorder 9 Sept. 1972: 14. Print.

"Black Culture Center at IU to Have Broad Program." Indianapolis Recorder 14 Oct. 1972: 14. Print.

"IU Mourns Death of Dr. Herman C. Hudson, Founder of Many African American Programs on Campus." Indianapolis Recorder 21 Feb. 2003: A1. Print.

*Note: The Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center is named for the first African American man and the first African American woman to graduate from Indiana University -- Marcellus Neal (1895) and Frances Marshall (1919).

"Indiana University Alumni Association Neal-Marshall Alumni Club Invites You to Attend Reunion XIII 'Attaining the Dream'." Indianapolis Recorder 21 June 1997: A5. Print.

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