Sunday, February 12, 2012

Edward C. Williams: First African American Male Library Science Graduate

Edward Christopher Williams (1871-1929) was the first African American male to receive a formal education in library science. He graduated from the New York State Library School in 1900. In addition, Mr. Williams was the first African American director of the Howard University Library System (1916-1929); was the librarian for Adelbert College (part of Western Reserve University - now Case Western Reserve University) in Cleveland, Ohio; and was one of several notable African American attendees at the 1928 Annual Meeting of the American Library Association in West Baden, Indiana.

Update 5/26/2014:

Edward Christopher Williams is briefly mentioned in an I wrote an article on Lillian Haydon Childress Hall. The article was featured in the latest issue of Indiana Libraries (v. 33, no. 1). The link is below:

Fenton, Michele T. "Stepping Out on Faith: Lillian Haydon Childress Hall, Pioneer Black Librarian." Indiana Libraries 33.1 (2014): 5-11. Print."

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Update 11/17/2015:

Edward Christopher Williams is briefly mentioned in a piece I wrote on Dunbar High School (Washington, D.C.):

Fenton, Michele. "Dunbar High School." African American Leadership: A Concise Reference Guide. [Santa Barbara, CA]: Mission Bell Media, 2015. 79-81. Print.
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